Call My Name Coalition

Using a three-year Creating Humanities Communities grant, Dr. Lee Morrissey and Dr. Rhondda Thomas provided support to and programming for local humanities organizations that were researching, documenting, preserving, and sharing local Black history and to develop
a crowd-sourcing website.

We decided to form a Call My Name Coalition to maintain a partnership of organizations interested in documenting the African American experience at Clemson University and in the Clemson area, particularly the three adjacent counties of Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens, in Upstate South Carolina. By recording, representing, and soliciting the experiences of generations of African American life in an extraordinary microcosm of American history and racial politics, we hope to advance and encourage appreciation, understanding, of the African American experience, and to cooperate, when appropriate, with other groups to improve the cultural activities of the community.

Current members of the coalition along with the Call My Name Project are:

Shelby Henderson, founding director and executive director of City of Seneca Arts, History, and Cultur
Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum, Seneca, SC

The Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum (BLSCM) is Oconee County's one-of-a-kind cultural exhibit museum focusing on the rich, sometimes turbulent history, culture, and contributions of local African Americans. The museum's exhibits and events blend technology and tradition to create a meaningful and educational experience for all ages. The BLSCM interprets the past and present narratives of people whose chronicles will impact generations.

Angela Agard, director
Clemson Area African American Museum, Clemson, SC

The Clemson Area African American Museum (CAAAM) is managed by the City of Clemson and is the only African American Museum in Pickens County.  The mission of CAAAM is to collect, interpret, exhibit, and preserve the rich and vibrant history of African Americans in the City of Clemson and Upstate South Carolina for the period of the arrival of the first African in this region until the present day.  There is a special emphasis on collecting books, documents, artifacts, and other cultural objects, preserving them, and interpreting them for the public by means of museum exhibitions, educational programs, lectures, public events, and publications and to encourage others to collect and preserve the history of African Americans in Upstate South Carolina and to do everything worthwhile to carry out its purpose.

James Burns, director
Humanities Hub, Clemson University

The Clemson Humanities Hub, an outreach project of the Humanities Advancement Board, intends to advance the outreach, scholarly, and teaching activities of the Humanities. It aims to coordinate and publicize off-campus Humanities events, turning the scholarly inquiry and public presentations of the Humanities fields into an outreach activity. In so doing, it hopes to act as a coordinator of campus presentations, an incubator for scholarship, and a steward of humanities pedagogy. It also hopes to offer historical perspective, cultural awareness, and considerations of value in the creation, application, and preservation of knowledge.

Nick McKinney, director of Museums, Design and Technology for the City of Seneca
Lunney Museum, Seneca, SC

The Lunney Museum in Seneca, South Carolina, strives to be a community focused museum by providing educational and cultural events/programs that provide entertaining and intellectually engaging content. The Lunney Museum will be a home for the community, and will function as a place for its visitors to become acquainted with the history of Seneca and the surrounding areas by: 1) Providing a safe venue for educational and cultural events and programs; 2) Maintaining the grounds and structures so that they meet national museum standards, 3) Providing educational content focused on the history of Seneca, the Lunney Family/Home, and rural southern culture, and 4) Contributing to the community by providing museum space for community organized events and meetings.

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